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Beth Blenz Clucas

Lisa L. Kirchner
412.488.0884, ext. 209 builds Leon's Math Dojo 

Pittsburgh, PA (July 17, 2001) -- Speed and accuracy count in's newest math game, Leon's Math Dojo.

Experience the thrill of learning or the agony of defeat as you help Leon master single- and double-digit addition and subtraction in his dojo. It's just you against a timer, guiding Leon through mathematical problems. Answers are displayed atop punching bags on which Leon practices his martial arts maneuvers. But if your answer is wrong, the bags punch back! Black belts will want to challenge friends to beat their scores.

"We plan on developing many games around the Leon the Chameleon character," Gary Kiliany, the company founder and father of two, said. "Since my own kids love karate, we started with the dojo."

Leon's Math Dojo promotes mental computation and fluency in basic arithmetic combinations, which are part of National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards (NCTM). As kids play the game, they use computational skills and knowledge of basic arithmetic facts. Throughout the game, Leon's animated martial arts moves are an engaging reinforcement. To support the development of speed and fluency, the game is timed. An untimed version is available, however, for kids to practice and expand skill.

In this and every area of, additional information is provided via a section entitled, Did you Knowthat? In Leon's Math Dojo, the Did you Knowthat? feature exposes gamers to educational facts about chameleons and martial arts. All material in the box may be spoken aloud by selecting the read-it-to-me button. Kids can follow along as each word is highlighted. Kids can practice each section repeatedly. When a game is over, a child can view his or her scores for immediate feedback and compare progress to others by viewing the high scores list.

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