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Subscription Fact Sheet:

How much does it cost to join

The cost for a family membership, which consists of two adults, up to four children and an unlimited number of read-only learning community members, is $34.95.

Classroom subscriptions are $199.00 per year and may consist of two adults and up to 30 students.

You can sample the site, risk-free for 30 days at

Why should I join when there is so much free material on the internet?

With's web-based learning software, your child can experience the most powerful educational environment on the internet.  In addition to access to hundreds of activities, games and support materials available in all subjects, we offer the ability to create, save, show and collaborate on web-based projects.  It's otherwise unavailable, so while there are many simple, shallow apps online for free, the experience of software is more similar to CD roms than websites.

Even better than CDs or videos, will continue to update its activities. also offers the anytime/anywhere advantage of the internet, as well as the added benefit of a secure site that won't interfere with your personal computer or school server.  And a year's subscription is less that many single titles currently available. 

Why don't you have advertisements? has been in a beta testing stage for the past year and a half.  In that time, we have been developing kids' educational software to offer online.  At the same time, we have been developing a business model to ensure that, as a company, we can continue to offer this service.  Our business model is based on subscriptions rather than ads, because parents and children need to know there is a safe place online.

Is it secure to send my information over the internet? employs SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology to ensure that each and every transaction is secure.

If you prefer not to conduct your transaction online, you may telephone or fax us your credit card information.  Schools also may phone or email POs.  Checks may be sent to: Wharton Street, Suite 625/Pittsburgh, PA 15213.  

Please note that in the case of these deferred payments, membership begins when the transaction is complete.

What about my privacy?

Your privacy is critical to us and we never share personal, identifiable information.  No exceptions. View our online privacy policy at Learning skills for life.